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Idea shared by Curtis Kropar www.HawaiianHope.org - 5/17/2024 at 5:08 PM
HI !
We are using SmarterMail 8797. In the calendar scheduling - i keep missing meetings. The reminders are not really working out, If you are not sitting in front of the computer when the alert happens, it is quite useless.

And the email notification appears to only send to the person that scheduled the meeting or event. Since we have multiple calendars set up (volunteers, donation drop offs, Off Site Events) none of those appointments actually send an email notification that i can see.  

What is needed is : 
1) to have a preset / default option, per account, to "Always Send Email Notifications" so we do not have to manually turn it on every single time.
2) An open text box next to it to be able to add in additional email addresses to be notified. - This would enable us to get text messages on our cell phones as alerts to remind us of important appointments, and including appointments that are not scheduled on our own calendars. 
If you did not know, all text messaging are actually emails being sent from phone to phone.

I have an email account set up called "alert_cell@ourdomain" and that email account forwards all of our critical alerts to my text messaging on my cell.

This way I can set inbound text messages of a critical nature to something like Sam Kinison screaming to get my attention on my cell phone.  If we can get that added into smarter mail to be able to include a random email address as reminders, this would solve a major issue.

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