Can’t repeatedly move to junk / move to inbox
Problem reported by Patrick Jeski - 5/17/2024 at 2:05 PM
As I was testing rspamd, I found a spam email to play with. Move to Junk, Move to Inbox. The next time I try Move to Junk”, I get a green toaster but the message stays in the inbox. 

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Ron Raley Replied
I read on another thread this is by design. SmarterMail delays Moving to Junk function just in case the user didn't intend to do so.
Patrick Jeski Replied
That might be the case Ron, and in any case it doesn’t make much sense for me to move a single message back and forth like that. (I was playing with rspamd). But:
- The first move each way happens instantly.
- The second try to “Move to Junk” doesn’t happen at all, let alone delayed.
- The green toaster says “Message moved to Junk Email”

So in any case, something’s not right. 

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