What's up with build numbers?
Question asked by Patrick Jeski - 5/11/2024 at 2:08 AM
I'm running build 8888 on my production server and had been running 8887 on my linux betas. I upgraded night before last to 8895 on the betas, and it was also announced 8895 was the beta build for windows as well. The builds seem to always increase in multiples of 7. 
Today, 8895 is available for windows as the release build. Is that correct? Or should it be 8896? Or should the beta have been 8894? Either way it looks like the windows release and beta have the same build #. 

Edit to add:
Both the link in the "Introduction to the SmarterMail BETA" thread and the main SmarterMail download link download a file named 8895:
The main download link: SmarterMail_8895.exe
The beta download link: smartermail_8895.exe, much larger.

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Patrick Jeski Replied
Interestingly, they're still doing it. The stable windows build is 8902 as is the beta (and the Linux). There's no chance of confusion over that, is there? Good thing they did away with version numbers and went to exclusively build numbers.

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