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Question asked by kevind - 5/1/2024 at 12:13 PM
I see this beta also has a Windows version. Are there any release notes (or differences) between this beta (8886) and the production version (8874)? TIA.

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Patrick Jeski Replied
Release notes might have answered a couple of my stupid questions like HSTS.
Yes, they missed this one...
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Tim Uzzanti Replied
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We are still putting everything together.  We transitioned a good portion of our infrastructure to Google Cloud last night along with the Windows and Linux releases.  It's been a crazy few weeks.  Over the next couples weeks we will be sharing whats new and plans for production releases etc.
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kevind Replied
Not sure if there are release notes for beta build 8886 (April 30th)...
But here are the 8887 (May 1) release notes, copied from this thread...

Release Notes (Build 8887):
  • [LINUX] Permissions checks are leaving behind TXT files in the root of SmarterMail > Domains.
  • [LINUX] "Debian GNU/Linux 12" failing to download Cyren.
  • When doing A0 and A1 checks on the Diagnostics page, these can show as failing.
  • Administrative logs show repeated "MapiEws Login failed: Token invalid." errors with no details on which user it's associated to.
  • Mailing lists do not show in Outlook (MAPI) address book.
  • When a System or Domain Admin is viewing a user's account settings, the Default From Address dropdown shows any domain aliases with the Admin's username, rather than the user's.
  • When a subdomain has no DMARC record SmarterMail now checks the primary domain's DMARC record and uses their sp (subdomain policy), if defined.
Derek Curtis
Derek Curtis Replied
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Yeah, we're going to include Build info, along with Release Notes, in the Introduction to the SmarterMail Beta thread so that this info, and the Linux instructions, are all in the same Thread. 

Regarding how we'll identify things:

[LINUX] - indicates this note is Linux only.
[WINDOWS] - indicates this note is Windows only.
No Prefix - indicates the note pertains to both Windows and Linux.
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