Access log for shared files; immediate unshare after retrieval; specific date/time to expire
Idea shared by AWRData - 3/27/2024 at 9:05 AM
For some of my customers, knowing when a shared file is accessed is crucial.  There appears to be no place in the web interface to see if/when/from where a shared file is downloaded.

A couple of new options for expiring shared files: immediately upon access or after a certain number of accesses, specific date/time in addition to the nebulous "in x hours/days/etc."

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I brought up URL shortening for sharing files and meeting invitations.  I was rehashing this today with someone, and I though that it might be beneficial to have not just a shortened URL in the SmarterMail-hosted email domain, but also interfaces to third-party or custom.

For instance, an interface to create a short URL with bit.ly, and others.  As well as a definable interface to mine that I build for my own uses, with something like some kind of authentication token or credentials and the URL to shorten.

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