Several feature ideas for SmarterMail
Idea shared by AWRData - 3/13/2024 at 8:07 PM
For my first post, in grand fashion, I have several feature ideas/requests for SmarterMail.

  • URL shortening for online meeting and stored file URLs.
  • Directly email online meeting invitations from the online meeting interface.

  • Outbound Fall-back mode for SMTP gateways, in addition to round-robin.
    • In my scenario, all of my mail hosts relay through my outbound gateway on an internal network.  I have a secondary relay gateway available, but I do not want it used in round-robin, I only want it used if the other gateway is not working.  As I expand my internal network, I would still like the fall-back gateway available if a group of round-robin gateways are inaccessible for any reason.
  • Outbound Gateway "Verify connection before Save" should honor the "Enforce strict certificate validation" setting in "Protocols/SMTP Out"

  • A little more control over login page HTML.
    • In particular, I would like to give the login block some transparency or its own background image.

  • Ability to limit Online Meeting service per-user in addition to per-domain.
    • This should be either a system admin-only option, or have a limiting number per domain which can then be doled out to users by the domain admin.  This satisfies both the desire to make Online Meetings a value-add, as well as a customer request to prevent some users from setting up meetings.

  • Auto-fill, not just auto-complete, email address fields for things like impersonation and aliases.

  • Ability to set an account as a catch-all, not just an alias.

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