Build 8797 - "Move to junk" - "Move to Inbox" - Is that really "mark as spam" and "mark not spam" ?
Question asked by Curtis Kropar www.HawaiianHope.org - 3/6/2024 at 4:29 PM
In this build there is a "move to junk" function - Is that the same as a "mark as spam" ?  function ?  does this actually do anything other than move the email or does this actually tell the server to remember this is actually spam ?
Likewise, In the junk folder when you click on an email there is an option to "move to inbox" - does that do anything other than move the email to the inbox, or does that tell the server, "no, this is not SPAM and remember that."

In the old version SM 14, there were functions actually called "mark as spam" and "mark not spam."  Are these the same things in 8797 just renamed (you know...because...) to some "modern" ambiguous meaning that i cant tell what the heck it means. or does it not do anything other than shuffle emails around ?

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echoDreamz Replied
I am not sure how it works for the anti-spam providers built-in to SM. However, it does also create a copy of the message in the spam/ham directories for training.
kevind Replied
I agree that this labeling to "move" messages is confusing, especially when SmarterMail is adding features to learn whether messages are ham or spam.

I would prefer a "Not Spam" button like Gmail uses. Vote for it here:

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