system wide spam - phishing scams
Question asked by Jerry Heinz - 3/6/2024 at 10:23 AM
Wondering is there a way to prevent system wide email scams pretending to be Smartermail/system admin making the claim the users email needs to be addressed and requesting them to click a link to sign in giving the scammers the users email address/password. Here is a screenshot of one all users received last night -

From: SmarterMail Support <do-not-reply @ ionos . com>
Subject: Email error
in this case the link goes to www . adurigroup . com/1/index . php
which makes it look very much like a real Smartermail sign in screen fooling the users.
Hoping there is a way within Smartermail to prevent this type of system wide emails at the same time
not preventing the system from truly notifying users of mailbox full....etc

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