Smartermail - Build 8797 Feedback (part1)
Idea shared by Curtis Kropar www.HawaiianHope.org - 2/12/2024 at 2:10 PM
Sunday (2/11/24) we just upgraded to the latest SmailterMail build. Was previously using SmailterMail 14. The conversion seemed smooooothe and fast, and as far as I can tell, was flawless. Then again we are a small installation, under 250 accounts on the server. But still, no major headaches that i saw. Thank you for helping to reduce my stress (and anxiety) level !

I am REALLY Happy with the new SmailterMail speed. It is amazing compared to 14. A serious night and day difference, especially on the calendar. My old calendar used to take 30-45 seconds to load or take action, like to move from month to month, or even saving an appointment..  Setting up multiple appointments that spanned several month would take 15 minutes in the past.. This new version, almost instant movement between months and saving appointments..  I am doing a happy dance !

At this point all of my "complaints" and observations are mostly aesthetics, at least till I start getting more feedback from our end users.

1) The UI seems kind of bland and rainy day gray. All of the Avatar Icons adds some color, but I am finding it mostly a distraction at this point and not necessarily helpful. Maybe I just need to use it longer.  I turned the icons off, then turned them back on and figured I will try it a little longer.  Is that the "BIMI"  that i saw posted about in another thread ?

2) Another complaint is how the menu is scattered all over the place and words are not aligned, that the icons share the same space as words. This back and forth of the words makes it really hard to read. AS you can see from the previous version 14 below, there was a very clear and distinct alignment, and the icons did not share the same space as the words.

3) What I REALLY would like, is more contrast between the read and unread emails. The font bold is just not bold, large or dark enough. Its hard to tell the difference between read and unread messages.  Could you SmarterPeeps at SmarterTools make there more contrast, or an option for the end user to customize the contrast a little ?  larger font, different font, font color, bolder font...  even the possibility of adding a background color to the unread email in the email list.

4) Check boxes for selecting multiple emails. I already have a user that is asking where the check boxes went for when she is selecting multiple emails to mark as spam, or to move to another mail folder..  Yes, I know I can hold the CTRL key and then click on multiple emails, but my client had a stroke and cant use her left arm. So the check boxes for selecting multiple emails was really useful. Is there a way to turn those back on ?
I see the "enable selection mode" option, but discovered that if you turn that on, select a 2nd message and then DEselect the original (1st) message you started with, it then turns off the selection mode. This seems a bit cumbersome to use.

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My recommendation has always been to make SmarterMail Colorful. 
We also have similar complaints regarding READ and UNREAD being a slight difference.  We upgraded from 8451 to 8776 and the main issue is the bold type face for UNREAD is very slight and looks very similar to a READ MESSAGE.  The UNREAD does not have a left border color for UNREAD like exchange does.  If there was a left border color added to UNREAD like in exchange owa that would help greatly.  I did open a ticket on this and ST told me it will be submitted for a feature request.

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