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Question asked by Tom Schwarz - 2/9/2024 at 2:16 PM
I ask about this awhile back and didn't really get an answer that helped.  I did go to google and requested they remove it but it keeps coming back and now it's happening on most the domains on my smartermail server.  I'm thinking google is seeing something in Smartermail it doesn't like and Smartermail needs to work on this so it doesn't happen but I may be way off base.

When I reply to an email I get alerts from Google Chrome.  When I login to my google account and check my Security Issues I get this.

Google has detected harmful content on some of your site’s pages. We recommend that you remove it as soon as possible. Until then, browsers such as Google Chrome will display a warning when users visit or download certain files from your site.

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Do you have links to the sites that are having trouble?
Douglas Foster Replied
I read the message to say:  (a) your website is infected, and (b).there is probably a  link to your website in your mail signature.

Therefore, Google has rejected the message because of the link to an infected website.

You need to investigate your website infection 
This is a DNS related rejection. Your webserver or DNS is on a blacklist. Thats why they get rejected.

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