Build 8790 First impressions??
Question asked by Brian Bjerring-Jensen - 1/25/2024 at 8:50 PM
I am all ears. Not keen to take the plunge just yet despite it fixing the issues that we have reported.

  • Fixed: Shared calendar, contact, task and note folders do not automatically pull in new data in Outlook (MAPI).                                   
  • Fixed: Shared Calendars and Conference Rooms are dropped when there is more than one MAPI connected account on the same profile.                                     
  • Fixed: Users with "Manage" permissions on shared calendars only see availability information in Outlook (MAPI).

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I just upgraded our server and for the time beeing everything seems to run smooth.

Calendar is working again with multiple MAPI accounts and I havent run into issues yet.
Linda Pagillo Replied
I have performed a handful of upgrades to version 8776 and the only issue I have seen is that after the upgrade certain users were finding Calendar Items in their Deleted Items folder, but the items were still on the calendar. In other words, nothing was actually gone.

I opened a ticket with SmarterTools and they had their dev team look into it.

They said that the observed behavior seems to be a result of changes made by SmarterMail, which are outside their direct control. To support shared folders and new WebDAV features, SmarterMail modified its WebDAV URL format and implemented redirect logic to guide clients to these new URLs. However, this redirection is causing CalDav Synchronizer to move previously downloaded items to the Deleted Items folder in Outlook, which then syncs back to the server. Despite this, a comparison of the Deleted Items folder and the calendar post-sync indicates that no data is being lost in the process.

They also said that it shouldn't happen after the first time.

Other than that, I have not seen any issues.
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Try shared ressources like meeting rooms and calendars. And remember to add more than one MAPI account to the user profile. Then they dissappear.

Fixed in 8790.
Manuel Martins Replied
We upgraded to 8790 yesterday, for now so far so good,

Fingers crossed!
The integration we have with the Hosting Controller panel seems to no longer work. We are waiting for a response from the HC provider
Stefano Replied
Hello guys, has anyone had problems with the installation of this version?
No problems with IIS?
Thanks 😉 
Nothing. Everything went smooth as a newly shaved face.


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