Why are emails being marked as read while webmail browser is open?
Question asked by secretwep - 1/23/2024 at 4:08 PM
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We recently updated of SM 15 installation to SM 16 (SmarterMail Enterprise Version - 16.3.6989)

The chief user complaint is that incoming emails are coming in marked as read. The confounding part is that it doesn't happen every single time, but it does appear to happen while the browser is open and the user is either away (perhaps obscured or minimized browser) or in another browser tab.  The users are all on Windows 10 and use Chrome. We do not allow POP3, but IMAP is ok and some users have it on their phones. We ran IMAP logs for a few days. We could not find a relationship between IMAP and the web interface messages being marked as read.

Today one user had email open in the browser, went away for an appointment and came back after 15-20 minutes and the messages that came in during that time were marked as read.  This is unexplainable at this point.

Has anyone had a similar issue?


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Derek Curtis Replied
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Was the email that was marked as read highlighted in webmail? I believe there was an issue at one time where messages would come in and be selected, by default, and then marked as read even though nothing was done. To be honest, it's been awhile since 16.x came out, but I believe we changed that behavior at one point so that you actually had to interact with the message in order to mark it read. 

If messages aren't being intercepted somewhere -- like in a client, on a mobile device, etc. -- that's about the only thing I can think of that may cause that behavior.
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secretwep Replied
Hi Derek,
It occurs whether the email is highlighted or not. We've intentionally highlighted an email (and marked it as Unread) and left that condition and new emails have come in as read.  If you can find out when that was fixed that'd be awesome. If it was only fixed in 17 (e.g builds after 6989), that is good info as well.

It is not something the users can simply "get used to" as it is a fundamental deviation from an email client experience. It is causing problems.

Thanks for any other intel you may have!


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