Weird issue with the latest SmarterStats version
Problem reported by Arthur Grandovskis - 1/18/2024 at 7:57 AM
I have just installed the latest version of SmarterStats 8761 Free Edition on Server 2012 and when I logged in as an admin, the interface won't respond to me clicking any buttons except the "New" button.

You can view it yourself here: https://streamable.com/ichhp5

I've reinstalled SmarterStats twice and rebooted the server.

Any input is appreciated.

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Roger Replied
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I also had this phenomenon once and then cleared the browser cache and reloaded, then it worked again and has not reappeared since. Maybe a javascript that was cached and caused this, no idea.

What happens to me from time to time is that the page does not load and the load icon simply appears without loading the content. The only remedy is F5. That is quite annoying. Occurs as admin, domain admin but also as user.

Arthur Grandovskis Replied
@Roger You are god send! It did not even occur to me to do this simply because I navigated to this site directly from the server as well as my own laptop. Didn't realise it'd be the bloody browser cache! Still weird why it happened in the first place! But many thanks for your kindest help! 👍🏻

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