Skinning/Theme question
Question asked by secretwep - 1/12/2024 at 3:10 PM
I am creating a skin of simple CSS overrides for SmarterMail 16 to support one of our domains.

It is very basic (a few color changes for WCAG compliance and tightened up line spacings in the interface.  It is working fine, but I am having trouble with the #mailListView (list of messages) item heights.
e.g. the outer div on it is:

<div class="panel-item" style="height: 72px;" data-index="1" data-id="552">

It looks like that inline styling of the height is being assigned by javascript/angular and I am not sure if it is using specific inner elements to calculate height or if it is hard-coded. I changed the heights of the inner elements and while this changed the heights of each line (Sender, Subject and size/flag), it did not change the outer div element referenced above and it remained inline-coded with a value of 72px.

Does anyone have any ideas about this or insight?


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secretwep Replied
I had forgotten that the CSS !important rule can override inline styling.  The skin is working great now.

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