Failed incoming emails remain in proc folder.
Problem reported by John Quest - 1/11/2024 at 8:25 AM
Version 8762, but has been going on for many versions. Incoming email is written to Proc folder for further processing by Declude. What I am seeing is when an incoming email fails to complete for what ever reason, the resulting HDR and EML files sit there in the PROC folder. SmarterMail needs to delete those upon a failure, since they are effectively null and void. 

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Douglas Foster Replied
The workflow is:
SM drops the files into \spool\proc
Declude moves the files to \spool\proc\work for processing
On completion, Declude moves the files to \spool, where SM picks them up using the Delivery process.

  • If a message stays in the \spool\proc folder, SM will never touch it.  This is by design.
  • If Declude deletes the message instead of dropping it in the \spool folder, SM never considers it missing.   This is one way to do silent discard of unwanted messages.
You need to look at permissions (Declude cannot move the file), configuration (Declude unable to makes sense of your configuration), or crashes (Declude service is not running.)

I recommend opening a ticket with MailsBestFriend.   I cannot imagine that this is a SmarterMail problem.
John Quest Replied
Sorry, but this is NOT a Declude/MBF issue, it is a SmarterMail issue. The email in question is a FAILED email, meaning that the incoming email FAILED to complete a full successful receive. It is an invalid email. Declude/MBF will never touch it as it is a FAILED incoming email. To repeat, the email is INVALID and can not be delivered PERIOD. It must be removed by Smartermail.

John Quest Replied

I guess I need to formerly open a support ticket.
Andrea Free Replied
Employee Post
Hi John,

I wanted to share the update from our support ticket for anyone else who may be experiencing this problem. 

The Proc folder is available for third-party programs to intercept the messages and handle them. It essentially acts as a replacement for the SmarterMail spool. Therefore, any handling that the SmarterMail spool would manage is now the responsibility of the program that's handling the Proc folder. 

When the email delivery fails during the SMTP session, we write "Failed" into the HDR file as an indicator to our spool that the message is bad or incomplete, so the SmarterMail spool knows to immediately remove it. Our spool also has code that will clean up any other orphaned files. When the Proc folder is enabled, those files will be sent to the Proc folder, and it is the responsibility of the corresponding program to handle them accordingly. In short, whatever program is looking for mail in the Proc folder would be responsible for clearing out any failed or orphaned files. 

You mentioned that you are seeing this problem when using Declude Reboot. Therefore, I would encourage you to contact Mail's Best Friend and request their assistance in resolving this. 

Kind regards,
Andrea Free SmarterTools Inc. 877-357-6278 www.smartertools.com
John Quest Replied
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Yes, we will agree to disagree.

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