I'm struggling with password resets not working
Problem reported by Mark Thornton - 12/5/2023 at 3:16 PM
Build 8664 - Passwords have begun to expire after 24 months and we are having problems getting the passwords working again. This is affecting mobile users the most, and is even tripping up my tech savvy folks. While I am gathering information on clients and such, I want to understand what the correct procedure should be. 

If I force a change in the admin console on a user, it does immediately change the webmail login password. However, it does not appear to be changing the mobile connections password. Nor does it remove the username from the Expired Password list. I tried dropping the User Connections but that made no difference. Would a Resync User Protocols get the mobile connections working again?

I've been looking through the online help but the Password Requirements domain tab doesn't appear to be documented. I'm wondering why I would want to expire a password on an account that is listed on the Expired Passwords page? I also see an option to Send Email but what does that mean? An email to the recovery address that looks like every other spoofing email in my system?

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Mark Thornton Replied
The users I am currently having problems with are using iphones, with the Apple Mail app set up to use exchange as the server. One of my users has two accounts on the server, both set up this way, but only the account that shows as expired is failing. Was working before.
Tim Uzzanti Replied
Employee Post

Have them log in to webmail first with the new passwords and then try the clients.

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