Multiple Accounts in Webinterface/SMTP Account
Idea shared by TK - 12/4/2023 at 12:11 AM
Being able to use SMTP Accounts to send outbound E-Mail from one Webinterface is an alternative to having the webmail serve different accounts directly (the ideal solution). But since multiple accounts are not possible sending via smtp is an option. There is one problem though. The sent e-mails of the smtp account should ideally reside in the sent outbox from that respective account. Please consider this as a setting (where to store sent e-mail for an smtp account). 

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Tim Uzzanti Replied
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TK, we appreciate the feedback and suggestions on how to improve our webmail interface. We often get requests for our webmail interface to be used on other mail servers or services. Unfortunately, this is not possible because protocols do not provide the functionality needed for all functionality available in the SmarterMail web interface.  To achieve what we have everything is built on our API's.

We do provide functionality like continual mail imports for POP3 and IMAP and alternate SMPT as you referenced to allow some users use one interface for all their email, even if it is on a different mail server or service.  

Regarding your request to save a message on another mailbox that was only used to send a message via SMTP, we have not encountered such a request before. 
Tim Uzzanti
SmarterTools Inc.
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Thank you Tim. In this particular case the question is really having multiple smartermail account under one webinterface. not connecting to several different servers. every native client is able to it (probably only outlook has deprecated it) and while we are all moving to webapps this would be beneficial. only look at delegated accounts. 

nevertheless: when using account retrieval i pull the whole folder structure into my main account. no I would like to go ahead and send mails out with the 2nd account identity, why not store it in that folder structure correclty. If this didn't explain it correctly, the problem itself is decribed here: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/troubleshoot/user-and-shared-mailboxes/sent-mail-is-not-saved
albeit in this case it is with outlook and not with imap/smtp accounts. But the principal remains the same. 

It sounds like you're seeking a SmarterMail web client for a different mail server. Sort of like emClient or Outlook but on the web. I'm sure there is a market for that. Maybe not for the average Joe, bit still cool.

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