Mail import with error during migration
Question asked by Roger - 11/13/2023 at 4:22 AM
Hello everyone

We had a few migrations of Microsoft 365 Exchange again this weekend and with some of the imports we got error messages that sometimes many mails (about 8 percent of the total volume) could not be imported.

Now it is of course extremely difficult to find out which mails, contacts, appointments etc. could not be imported and, above all, why it did not work.

I am missing a kind of report in the form of a CSV with details of the failed mails etc. and the reason. What is actually feasible for me in this example?

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Kyle Kerst Replied
Employee Post
You should be able to enable detailed logging in the EWS Retrieval (or whichever protocol you're using in this case) and find more detail about what was being imported when it failed. It may not give you the specific message necessarily but should get you in the ballpark. I have escalated a feature request to add a debug option of sorts that can be used for cases like this where initial import failed for any reason though!
Kyle Kerst
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Roger Replied
Hello Kyle

Thanks for your feedback. Yes now in retrospect the detailed logging from EWS unfortunately doesn't help me anymore. I think it would be great if you could also activate that the import mail that is triggered by the system also has a file attachment with all failed mails, calendars, contacts, etc., preferably in the form of a CSV.

That way, every user can get to the bottom of it themselves without having to bother us in support.

Thanks and regards


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