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Question asked by John Marx - 11/6/2023 at 11:36 AM
I have most of my email going out through a SMTP Provider. I have a request to send out a dedicated IP address for a couple clients. How do I configure that? I want 

  • domain1 to use dedicated ip address
  • domain 2 to use a different dedicated ip address, etc. 
  • domain 3...

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Roger Replied

You can define an outgoing gateway for specific domains under Settings > Gateways. Simply create a Postfix server with your desired IP address and have SmarterMail send the mails to this Postfix server as gateway.

What should also be technically possible is that you assign additional virtual IP addresses (internal IP addresses if NAT) to your server and then specify this as the outgoing IP address for the desired domain. On the firewall at the front, you make a SNAT rule which points from the internal IP to the second WAN IP address.
John Marx Replied
I think I miscommunicated my question. I appologize.

Right now I have 5 IP addresses on my server:

  • - Inbound/Outbound - this has worked for years
  • - these I just added and have SMTP only set
I want to send out 6-9 (and more) which each has a dedicated ip address assigned to them. 

Below is what I have for a dedicated SMTP Gateway that has 90 domains on it. I want to do the same thing but use my SmarterMail mail server as an outbound mail server with certain domains sending from an assigned dedicated IP Address (e.g., 6-9).

Douglas Foster Replied
If  you want to ensure that leaves your organization on a specific public IP address, you configure a NAT rule in your firewall.  SmarterMail is not involved.   So I think I am still misunderstanding your problem.
John Marx Replied
I just take it SmarterMail can't do it. 

I have 5 IP addresses - 1 is for inbound

4 I want to be outbound

I have SMTP2GO already for an SMTP gateway but I want to send mail out dedicated IP addresses I own for some of the domains.

That's all I want. I can't think of any other way to explain this.
Andrew Barker Replied
Employee Post

If I understand what you are looking for, you might be able to implement this using the Outbound IPv4/IPv6 settings on the domains. After setting up the binding for the IP address, go to the Manage > Domains page and select the domain you want to set a specific outbound IP address for. In the Options card on the Options tab, there are settings for Outbound IPv4 and Outbound IPv6 which will include options for "Automatic" or any of the bound IP addresses.

Hope his helps!

Andrew Barker
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Sabatino Replied
I think there's a bit of confusion.
In order.
On your server you have 5 private IPs

I understand that you purchased 5 public IPs.
First you need to ensure that each private IP corresponds to 1 public IP on output.
That is, when the server communicates with the internet with it uses public IP x.x.x.105 when it communicates with the internet with it uses public IP x.x.x.105 and so on.
This is not a SM setting but a firewall setting. So you have to do it yourself if you manage the firewall or have your ISP do it

Done this in SM
manage - domain - options of the domain you are interested in in outbound ip/ v4 put the private ip you are interested in

But first you also need to make another setting

In SM -settings - bindings you have to do the correct binding with the private IPs and also set the host name
This is because when outgoing you go with another public IP SM must present itself with another hostname that corresponds to the RDNS of the public IP with which it connects
I'll give you some screenshots

Sabatino Traini
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