How to know if mails disappear from someone's inbox or they were only downloaded?
Question asked by Jorge Euran Graham - December 3, 2014 at 1:28 PM
One of our clients complains that he had 300 mails in his inbox and hours later, all were gone! disappeared!
This has never happened before and we explained that there could only be two ways in which they could disappear.
1. If they download them to a computer
2. If they were deleted from the server by someone manuallly.
But how to prove that they did not disappear by a server error? Is there a log in which we could know if they were downloaded or deleted manually?
Thanks in advance.

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Good afternoon Jorge,
You are correct. There are a few circumstances that email will be removed. We do observe similar situations where emails are pulled off of a server via POP or the use of a mobile device.  You can certainly open the POP logs within SmarterMail and see if there is any details on the account in question.
Log into the Web interface as the System Administrator. Click on the wrench icon. Choose View logs. Select POP for the type and the surrounding dates or user account for the search field.  You should see whether or not the account has POP enabled and if there are any DEL commands issued.
Another possible scenario is that the user or domain is configured to auto-clean a folder or their inbox.  Please confirm if there is any policies or rules configured.
Thank You.

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