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Idea shared by Chris Danks - 10/20/2023 at 2:53 AM
I would appreciate the inclusion of the following features in the upcoming SmarterMail release:

1. Email Forwarding Count: Have forwarded messages tally towards the hourly limit for outgoing emails. For instance, if a user receives 5,000 emails within an hour, and these are forwarded to their Gmail address, it should permit the forwarding of all 5,000 emails. Last month, due to MailChannels, our SmarterMail server incurred an overage charge of $749 from a single mailbox on an account that forwards emails.

2. Outgoing SMTP Gateway Limitations: Introduce the capability to impose restrictions, such as disallowing mail forwarding from utilizing an outgoing SMTP relay. This feature could have prevented the issue we encountered with MailChannels, as mentioned above.

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I really like the first feature that you suggest.
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UX revised so its easier to navigate.

Groups showing in the mail favorites folder overview.
User Experience revised is sort of a "wide open" request unless you specifically refer to buttons, menus, css, etc. What is difficult to navigate? Are you referring to Mobile, Desktop, or both?

Get more tabs on the top like System - Services - Domain -  User - Filters - Reports - Troubleshooting

And then move the related submenus to the relevant tabs
Automatic response and noreply problem
I see the problem that when Out of Office Notification is enabled, depending on the mailbox, many deliverability error emails come because Out of Office Notification replies to noreply email addresses.
Is it somehow possible to set this up for all mailboxes and domains so that you can specify that, for example, no out of office notifications are sent to noreply@?

Automatically reject appointment invitations that want to be booked during Out of Office
I think it would be useful if SmarterMail would support that a user can specify in the out-of-office settings that all existing and new incoming appointments are automatically rejected during the vacation absence.
I would like to see a page in SmarterMail for all users with each method of connection addresses.

POP mail.mydomain.com Port 993
IMAP mail.mydomain.com Port 995
SMTP mail.mydomain.com Port 465
EXCHANGE do this and that...

System admins can turn this page on/off. They can also be able to create/edit/delete line items.

So we are essentially creating a view only page with SmarterMail that shows users the connections that are available.

I believe this would reduce our phone calls.

ME has it in webmail -> Options which will help the individual user to setup accounts on phones etc.

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