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Question asked by Bryan Quickmire - 10/4/2023 at 8:28 AM
I am trying to create a content filter that will catch TLDs that generate nothing but spam.

For example .ru .su .in etc. So I created a filter as follows:

"From address" "From specific domains" "Matches"

The list includes *.ru *.su *.in etc one per line.

Unfortunately for my plan the content filter catches any domain that includes *.xy but not necessarily ending in *.xy - the .xy ca be followed by other characters.

This means when I try to catch .in I also catch @payments.interac.ca which is not good when the action specified is Bounce!

Any suggestions on how to achieve just catching the TLD?


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Matthew Leyda Replied
I got info from Scarab back in 2015 for this problem that solved this problem for me.                  
                   Scarab Replied                   
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I'm beginning to understand why SmarterTools staff is always silent on the subject of Custom Rules in SmarterMail. It is very finicky. After some experimentation I got my rules to work 100% of the time with the following alterations:
Rule Source: Header
Header: Return-Path
Rule Type: Regular-Expression
Weight: (variable based upon your Low/Med/High weights)
Rule Text: .+\.link>$
(et cetera for each top-level domain you want to catch)
Using .+ instead of .* shouldn't make too much of a difference, but can in some unique circumstances, but the important missing piece was the ending > before the end of the string $. Not sure why it would work sometimes without with ending > and not other times, but I was able to confirm that was the problem.
The other thing to note is do not put a : at the end of your Header field as the Custom Rules assumes a : and putting one in that field will result in it never matching (as it will be looking for Return-Path::). 
The same RegEx above should work with the From or Return-Path fields if you would prefer using those.

Hope this saves someone else some head-scratching frustration in the future.
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