System messages - Shutoff per domain?
Question asked by Jay Altemoos - 9/14/2023 at 11:28 AM
Since our upgrade to 8629 some of our clients do not want the system messages sent out to them. I see that the default messages cannot be deleted, is there a way to shutoff system messages per domain? I looked in the settings but I can't find a way to do that, maybe I am missing it. Let me know.

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Tim Uzzanti Replied
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Not sure what system messages you are referring to?
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Jay Altemoos Replied
Good morning Tim,

The systems messages I was referring to are under Settings -> System Messages. I have a few clients that did not want to get the emails from noreply@<their domain> with an appended subject of Relayed: "Delivery to these recipients is complete, but no delivery notification was sent by the destination server."

Looking at the help docs it looks like the default english ones cannot be removed and I was looking for a way to not have the server send those messages to the domain that did not want them. I couldn't find a way to do that.
Andrew Barker Replied
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Relayed messages are part of the specification for delivery status notifications (DSNs), more commonly referred to as delivery receipts. When a message is sent with a delivery receipt request, there are a handful of possible receipts:

  • Failed - This indicates that the message could not be delivered to the target recipient.
  • Delivered - This indicates that the message was successfully delivered to the target recipient's mailbox.
  • Forwarded - This indicates that the message was automatically forwarded before the target recipient saw the message. This is generally due to some sort of rule the target recipient has configured.
  • Relayed - This indicates that the destination server or gateway indicated during the SMTP session that it does not handle DSN requests but did accept the original message for the target recipient. This can happen if any server in the delivery chain, including an outbound gateway, indicates that it does not support DSN requests. If you are using an outbound gateway, I recommend making sure that it is configured to support DSN requests.
With this in mind, there are two things that can be done to prevent these messages from being generated:

  • Disable DSN messages (Settings > Protocols > SMTP In card > Enable Delivery Status Notifications) This would prevent your server from generating any DSN messages for all domains.
  • Advise your users to not request delivery receipts when sending messages to users that they typically receive these messages for.
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Jay Altemoos Replied
Good day Andrew,

Thank you for that, this is what I needed. I am fine with shutting that feature off on the server as a whole, that way it cuts down on user complaints. I appreciate the help very much.

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