Client change Subject Line
Question asked by Mike Mulhern - 9/11/2023 at 7:36 AM
I have users who change subject lines of inbound emails to keep organized.  They might change the inbound email's subject line to include an order #, etc.

After updating from 8451 to 8629 two weeks ago, when a user changes a subject line the email updates the date and time of the email and then the email goes to the top of the Inbox if the Inbox is organized by date.  Before the update this updating of date and time did not happen.  I've tested the behavior across several Outlook versions.

Because we haven't changed outlook and due to the fact that I'm seeing it across different outlook versions I'm guessing Smartermail is updating the date and time in this new version.

My question is whether this is expected behavior and is it what SM should be doing if it wasn't doing it before?

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