LOGIN_PAGE_MAINTENANCE_BODY Error from Webmail Interface
Problem reported by Mike Mulhern - 9/6/2023 at 12:44 PM
Hello, some users are reporting that when they try to access the Webmail Interface, they’re brought to hostname.com/interface/root#/disconnected
and the page displays a caution triangle with the text LOGIN_PAGE_MAINTENANCE_BODY
The user reported it was working as intended for quite a while until suddenly displaying this error. The issue persists for these users’ devices even after clearing cookies, restarting their device and using an Incognito Browser. I have also restarted our server and manually restarted the SmarterMail service, but this issue persists for these users’ devices. There are no IDS Blocks listed, and they can still access their email via IMAP on the same machine. 

Any ideas on what to do about this? We are running the latest version of SM and the latest version of Windows Server 2022 Standard. Thank you in advance.

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Mike Mulhern Replied
There was a similar report here a few years back: portal.smartertools.com/community/a89867/smartermail-16_3_6522-cant-be-accessed.aspx (sorry no hyperlink permissions)

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