Smartermail versions numbering?
Question asked by Brian Bjerring-Jensen - 8/16/2023 at 3:56 AM
Would it an idea to change the versioning of smartermail to something like:

Version, year, mth, date equals 17230816 for today

So its easier to track releases and versions just by looking at the release number?

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kevind Replied
+1, and if a number is not required, just call it Build (Jul 6, 2023). Simple!
J. LaDow Replied
I'll be the guy who says if SM just put it's version number easily visible rather than having to pull the diagnostic report to see what version we're on, that would be a bonus.  Like "Settings -> General - just in it's own little box or something...
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kevind Replied
I just go to "About SmarterMail" on the logout menu to find what version I'm on.
I don't see what the problem...

I always look at the build version and never had issues to understand it...
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echoDreamz Replied
With you on this Gabriele... Never had an issue with the build number (we have a change tracker system internally, so if I need to see the SM build we are on, I check it or even just view the source of webmail, and the build details are right there...

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Build 8594.
Scott Wilson Replied
Where do you find the major and minor version? All I see is build number. Why not just put the major and minor in the about as well so people don't have to post in a forum to find something that should be cinch to find?
Christopher Hiatt Replied

I hate this build number usage as it doesn't really have any meaning to it. I don't know how old it is or what steps there are between them. Give us something logical.

Instead of calling out ver 8797 and having to list the date behind it, just use something like ver 2024.1.8797 similar to enterprise hardware vendors. This indicates 1st quarter, 2024 with release code 8797.
Patrick Jeski Replied
I also hate this, and mentioned it when they first changed. At least with major.minor.build version numbering, is was clear where you stand re system requirements. Just a build number is imho nonsense. 
Ron Raley Replied
We use just dates too.

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