Can not disable Two-Step Authentication at domain devel
Problem reported by Tony L - 8/14/2023 at 3:53 PM
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I have noticed you can no longer disable Two-Step Authentication under 'Domain Defaults' nor under domain 'Options' when login as system administrator.  Was it recently changed? Thanks

KB showed you should be able to disable it.

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Derek Curtis Replied
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Thanks for pointing this out, Tony. The help has been updated with the new options.

Two-Step Authentication (or 2FA) is really where virtually all industries are headed these days as it provides an extra layer of security for users and helps protect their valuable data. As a result, we opted to make it available for all users, and then they have the ability to enable it if they want.

Domain administrators can make the use of Two-Step optional, or they can require its use, and system administrators have the ability to require it for all users of the SmarterMail server. 
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Tony L Replied
Hi Derek,

Thanks for replying. We noticed the issue when we install the newest version of Smartermail. The reason why we want 2FA to be disabled by default is because we don't want domain admin to turn 2FA on by default for their email users without knowing how to use it. 

Are there any way to set the 2FA to be off by default for all domains?

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