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Question asked by Merle Wait - 8/2/2023 at 8:17 AM
Anyone experiencing an uptick of spam originating from google/gmail servers??
How does one report it... 
When I run spam reports.. shows a 20% increase over 90 days.
I looked for a dmarc or report abuse in the headers.. but there is not one.
(..and yes,, the headers DOES reflect google /gmail.com  mx servers)
Any ideas on how to report?  


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Michael Replied
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Funny you mention it. Yes, we've noticed an uptick last several days.

We report using this form:
It takes a lot of manual labor and time. Its freaking annoying....
Merle Wait Replied
Thanks ... good to know that we aren't the only experiencing an uptick in spam.. but of course, over-all it sucks.
Jay Dubb Replied
Gmail has become a spam-source sewer for us over the past year.  Usually if the source is some dinky little network somewhere, we'll just block the source and move on.  Unfortunately, Google is too big to block and we have never had any luck (or received any kind of reply, not even an automated one) when reporting emails with headers to their abuse box.  They are too big to block, too big to care.
Merle Wait Replied
Jay Dubb - Totally agree.. !!!!

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