Using rspamd - Risky or not?
Question asked by Martin Schaible - 7/12/2023 at 9:42 AM

As a long term replacement for the migthy but still powerful Declude, we have the choice between SpamAssassin and rspamd. I heard some good feedbacks from administrators using rspamd.

I have spent some time to read the docs and i have realized, that the learning process will be quite heavy if you want add your own stuff and filters.

Then the support goes via Telegram. Yes, a messenger for asking questions. Therefore finding already asked questions might be tricky. The channel was introduced in october 2022 having 304 members.

So i'm asking myself, how risky would be to use this niche product? 

You may say, that Declude is a niche product too. But MBF has a functional and friendly support still after those years.

- How many of you are using rspamd?
- Are you satisfied if you need help?
- Are you implementing your own filters and other things?


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Matt Petty Replied
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Yea, thats a trend I'm noticing now makes finding stuff through Google harder. ClamAV has a Discord that they post updates and info to first that the Devs hang out in. Kinda works and it does allow conversations but information is quickly lost, thankfully Discord's search was able to help out with some of this.
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echoDreamz Replied
We've been using rSpamD for over a year now (long before it was integrated into SM) and it's been a rock solid platform. Support is absolutely a PITA and their main dev isnt the friendliest of people.

It took a bit to get it all working and tweaked how we want, we have rSpamd linked up with postfix using the milter protocol, as well, rSpamD integrates with VadeSecure, we have some other custom modules and what not, but it is a really really nice system overall, very light on resources, highly recommended if you are up for the challange.

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