Build (8587) Upgrade Notes
Question asked by J Lee - 7/7/2023 at 9:37 AM
Hi Everyone

Please post your upgrade Note for 8587 here.

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Manuel Martins Replied

Upgraded 3 days ago, so far so good. Fingers Crossed!!!

kevind Replied
8587 was just released late yesterday (Thursday)...

Build 8587 (Jul 6, 2023)

  • Fixed: An issue were a single appointment in a user's account caused sync issues and exceptions in SmarterMail.
  • Fixed: An occasional blank compose/reply window when SmarterMail is running in a virtual directory in IIS.
  • Fixed: Better handling of string comparisons in MAPI related to Turkish Windows servers.
  • Fixed: Category sync issues in IMAP.
  • Fixed: Email migrated from Exchange 2010 has the wrong time in the sent folder.
  • Fixed: Folders created through any EWS client create those folders in the wrong location on the server.
  • Fixed: For some emails, the attachment icon doesn't appear in webmail, and the attachment doesn't appear in MAPI, EAS, and EWS clients.
  • Fixed: In News Feeds, the RSS title, "Last Updated" timestamp, and RSS summary are missing on all feeds.
  • Fixed: Meeting Invitations from MAPI to MAPI that include attachments lack Accept/Decline buttons and duplicate the attachments.
  • Fixed: Messages that are forwarded by automated forwarding or content filters have a mismatch between Return Path and From address.
  • Fixed: Setting a report start date to 01/01/1800 leads to MailService.exe consuming ~5GB of memory until restart.
  • Fixed: URIBL's sometimes use excess CPU and take too long to do their checks.

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