What is SmarterTools working on?
Idea shared by kevind - 6/29/2023 at 7:26 AM
With new SmarterMail builds coming out every week for the past few months, it would be nice to know what things are being worked on so we can plan our deployments.

Idea: Post a message here in the community regarding what features or fixes are coming in the next build. It would really help us with scheduling upgrades.

For example, this seems to be an issue with the (June-15) build:
If we knew this URIBLs issue this was being worked on, we could delay upgrading until it was fixed. Thanks!

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The problem is the response time on the URIBLs used and that makes everything slow and ressource consuming.

Tim Uzzanti Replied
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We have an adjustment to URIBL's coming this week.  Some of our DNS improvements which worked VERY well did impact and delay URIBL's.  
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In case you missed the blog post, here's what SmarterTools has been working on...

With the beta build now available for download:

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