Report of rejected messages available?
Question asked by Brian Henson - 12/3/2014 at 9:56 AM
I received a message about a user's mailbox reaching its size limit and that emails were being rejected. I increased the size and the issue was fixed.
What we'd like to know is if there is anyway to see if any messages were rejected in within the 2 minutes or so it took to be alerted to and then fix the issue. Is there any report or log I can pull from SmarterMail to see if any messages were rejected?

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Hany Sobhy Replied
If i understand you right, you need to get alerted before this happens? if so you may achieve this by:

1) Using Events

You can set a global event from system admin or per domain from domain admin to send you or/and user or and domain admin a message
Create Additional Disk Usage Event (before disk is full ) :
Category  : User
Event Type : User Disk Space Used
Mailbox Usage (%) : choose Greater than from the menu box and enter 90 for example
Go to Actions button and add action:
Action : Send mail
From : " #domain# System Admin"<admin@#domain#>
To Address : #emailaddress# (or both) admin@#domain#; #emailaddress#
Body :

Dear #emailaddress#,
Your mailbox at #emailaddress# is now #mailboxusagepercent#% full (approximately #mailboxusagemb#MB).
Allowed size for this mailbox is #mailboxsizemax#MB.
#domain# System Admin
Click save and remember to click save Event on top

2) Content Filtering

Ad filter to copy message or forward it to you when has subject "Mailbox size limit exceeded" (if the default message) and might add "has been exceeded" in body
- Go to Domain Settings > Filtering > Content Filtering
- Click new and choose subject and body then add the above
Brian Henson Replied
That's helpful, but what I need right now is the ability to see if any messages have been rejected as a result of the issue. Does SmarterMail track when inbound messages are rejected?
PennineNick Replied
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If you look in the smtpLog for the day in question and search the file for lines that contain:
  rsp: 452 <users email address> Mailbox size limit exceeded
Just searching for "Mailbox size limit exceeded" should be enough.
You'll see for that message ID, the following lines are
  cmd: RSET
  rsp: 250 OK
  cmd: QUIT
Showing the incoming email was not written to the users mailbox, but simply rejected.
Alli B Replied
I am dealing with a similar situation right now. How would I find the smtpLog? I see smtp in usage/in errors/out usage/out errors.
Not sure where I would go to search for messages that contain "Mailbox size limit exceeded" as suggested. Thanks!
Employee Replied
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Alli B, navigate SystemAdmin | Manage | View Logs to see the SMTP logs.

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