Enhancement for "External Senders" to support a whitelist or trusted feature
Idea shared by A System Administrator - 5/22/2023 at 1:33 PM
Thanks to the ST team for getting support for flagging external senders in the new SM build! I know you folks are probably hammered with fixes at the moment but I'd like to open a new thread to suggest some sort of "trusted" or "whitelist" feature for external senders.

The business case is that we host a few "sister" companies on the same SmarterMail server and would really appreciate the ability to exclude those domains from getting flagged by the external sender feature. This does not feel like something terribly specific to our environment; I would venture to guess there are many others with "related" companies that they would not want flagged as external. Think of a setup like this:

                Parent Company
        |                                            |
Company A                        Company B

For anyone not aware; the latest builds of SmarterMail (8495+) have added the ability to include text in the body and/or subject for emails from an external source. You can access this feature on an individual domains "General" tab and the "External Senders" card.

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We posted a very similar request and there has been some additional conversation on it here https://portal.smartertools.com/community/a94012/caution-message-for-incoming-mail-outside-the-domain.aspx

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