Using Zoom calendar and contacts integration with Exchange
Question asked by Michael - 5/19/2023 at 1:32 PM
According to Zoom... Calendar integration is compatible with Google Calendar, Office 365, and Exchange.

Has anyone attempted to link Zoom to Smarter Mail?

The Zoom documentation says we will need the following:
  • Exchange login username or UPN: Enter the username or UPN associated with your Exchange account.
  • Exchange login password: Enter the password associated with Exchange account.
  • Exchange Version: Select the version of Exchange. If you are uncertain of the Exchange Version, please contact your internal IT team for more information.
  • EWS URL: Enter your organization’s EWS URL. Contact your internal IT team if you do not know the EWS URL.
I believe that Smarter Tools should be able to support this, like supporting Calendly and others that link to Exchange by EWS, right?

Curious if anyone has tried this with Zoom?

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I wouldnt be happy to give away my exchange password on a portal like zoom... just sayin.

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