Using Zoom calendar and contacts integration with Exchange
Question asked by Michael - 5/19/2023 at 1:32 PM
According to Zoom... Calendar integration is compatible with Google Calendar, Office 365, and Exchange.

Has anyone attempted to link Zoom to Smarter Mail?

The Zoom documentation says we will need the following:
  • Exchange login username or UPN: Enter the username or UPN associated with your Exchange account.
  • Exchange login password: Enter the password associated with Exchange account.
  • Exchange Version: Select the version of Exchange. If you are uncertain of the Exchange Version, please contact your internal IT team for more information.
  • EWS URL: Enter your organization’s EWS URL. Contact your internal IT team if you do not know the EWS URL.
I believe that Smarter Tools should be able to support this, like supporting Calendly and others that link to Exchange by EWS, right?

Curious if anyone has tried this with Zoom?

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I wouldnt be happy to give away my exchange password on a portal like zoom... just sayin.
Nathan Babcock Replied
Good afternoon, 

I found your thread looking for the same option.  Did you ever come to a solution on this?
Michael Replied
Hey Nathan Babcock - yea at the moment Zoom won't sync with SmarterMail over EWS. 

I've been working this for the past few months with both SmarterTools and Zoom support. Been an adventure. At first we thought that everything was groovy and it was Zoom that wasn't behaving right, but we worked our way up the Zoom support tiers and engineering got involved and we collected a number of logs. Then brought those logs back to SmarterTools and (SmarterTools team can comment in more detail), but I think the basic idea is... we found that indeed there are things to optimize in the EWS behavior. SmarterTools will have to comment on ETA to fix.

The basic bug here is that Zoom over EWS is requesting the data under the contacts folder contacts. The response data from the logs show the result we requested is 0: <m:RootFolder IncludesLastItemInRange="true" TotalItemsInView="0">.  This means that Zoom isn't finding any contacts to sync in SmarterMail over EWS. Note: Zoom does work as expected with OEM Microsoft Exchange EWS. It's isolated to SmarterMail's implementation of EWS.

Hoping soon for a fix and it seems like one is on the way, again - not sure exact timeline.

As a related side note... We've rolled everyone over to Zoom for meetings, phone, and Team Chat. Everyone LOVES it as a strong alternative to MS Teams. ps. Still love SmarterMail for mail!! But the only missing piece is syncing Zoom to user's contacts and calendars.
Nathan Babcock Replied
Thank you very much for the quick and thorough response!  I will be looking for this in the change logs.  I hope that support may comment on here as to when this may be resolved.
Andrew Barker Replied
Employee Post
We've reviewed the traffic from the Zoom client when trying to synchronize data with EWS. Calendars is pretty straightforward - it simply asks for the items in the default calendar folder.

However, when the Zoom client tries to sync contacts, it does so in a less direct manner. It first asks for folders that are in the default contact folder, using the returned data to determine the specific ID of the default contact folder. The client then uses the identified ID to ask for the actual contacts in that folder. This approach works with Exchange since Exchange has all sorts of hidden folders, so it has data to return when asked for folders in the default contact folder. SmarterMail does not have a similar structure, so it has nothing to return at that stage, so the Zoom client simply gives up.

This corresponds to what @Michael relayed from his conversation with Zoom - we are returning zero results in response to a request for folders contained in the default contact folder. The Zoom client is not asking the SmarterMail server to retrieve any contacts.

Instead of trying to go back and forth with Zoom, we have opted to implement a workaround in SmarterMail that will return some data when Zoom asks for folders in the default contact folder.
Andrew Barker Software Developer SmarterTools Inc. www.smartertools.com
Karl Jones Replied
Not related to this thread but since Zoom just changed their ToS, basically saying they own and can do whatever with your voice, images etc, making the move to Zoom might not be the best decision.!
Totally agree Karl.

Any other options besides Teams that only integrates with O365 and Google Calendar...?
Karl Jones Replied

I'm personally using 3CX as it comes as part of the VoIP service. I am trying to find something that works in house but it seems the push is still towards cloud...

Been a 3CX reseller many moons ago. I need something to replace teams 1:1.

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