emClient and MAPI
Question asked by John Marx - 5/8/2023 at 9:32 AM
Just talked with a client. They came to us because I talked them into emClient and told them we were a Microsoft Exchange-compatible mail server and less expensive for them. Yet, the only way they can connect is with IMAP. I have confirmed this and have also confirmed MAPI is enabled on the account. I thought, maybe badly, that with the integration with emClient that this would be possible.

  1. Do we have to buy and give them Exchange ActiveSync?
  2. Do we need to setup, DNS settings for it to work? If so, is there a KB article I can connect to and update the DNS settings?
I'm hoping I am just missing a piece of knowledge in my magical thing called a brain. 

Thanks, John

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Andrew Barker Replied
Employee Post
eM Client uses EWS, not MAPI. That said, since SmarterMail ties MAPI and EWS together, eM Client should be connecting with EWS since you stated the account has MAPI enabled. Based on what you are describing, I would suspect an issue with the autodiscover configuration for the domain. Here's a link to our KB article on setting up autodiscover for SmarterMail:

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