Move - search function and/or auto-completion
Idea shared by Roger - 4/23/2023 at 12:15 PM
Hello together

When working in webmail, I keep running into the problem that I have a hard time getting folders to be moved into the target directory, for example.

We and many customers work with directories and subdirectories, almost a bit project-organized.

If I want to move a folder to a subfolder, I can't do this with drag'n drop, but I have to search from the menu item move in the dropdown list.

Assuming now I have any subfolder, then I can not search this directly there simply with the name but must go through the long list and sometime I find it maybe.

My suggestion:
With the move functions, no matter if folder or maybe also for mail, contacts, tasks, notes etc. it should be possible to move the folder with drag'n drop and additionally in the menu "Move Folder" also have the possibility to search the target folder (so any subfolder in a folder) by name and get it as a suggestion.

This would be a huge relief for us and the customers.

Thanks and greetings


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