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Idea shared by YS Tech - 4/17/2023 at 2:44 AM
I was hoping for the mailing list features to have a few more fields to enable us to personalise emails.
Just first name, surname and title would be great, is this on the todo list anywhere in the near future?

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Hi YS, 

This can already be done by utilizing Custom Fields. Please learn more here: 

Kind regards,
That's great, just what I was looking for Andrea.
Am I able to utilise that field if populating the list via the API?
e.g. can I populate email and name using the SetSubscriberList2 (I think this may be the old API?), or do I have to use the AddSubscribers and then EditSubscriber to get that name into the system and related to the email?
Many thanks
I am populating the mailing list ok but when I try to update using UpdateSubscriberField I just get:

false -4 Subscriber email address not found.

But I know all the emails are there.
Any idea why this is?
Thanks in advance

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