Unable to send mail from secondary domain (alias)
Problem reported by Roger - 2/24/2023 at 3:00 AM
Hello together

I created a ticket about 6 weeks ago and reported this bug. So far there has been no fix and I wanted to share this with the community as I will not be the only one affected:

In SmarterMail you have the possibility to add more domains to a customer in the form of aliases. This happens quite often even with companies that have multiple TLD extensions like .com / .net / .org etc. or have different domain names like example-company.com and examplecompany.com.
The receiving to the primary domain and the aliases works so far problem-free. However, it is completely different with the dispatch. In the webmail you can change the sender / the sender domain manually. But when a customer wants to send a mail in Outlook or eM Client using the other domain, it does not work. You can select the other domain to send from but the mail will not be processed by smartermail and causes an error.

In this point SmarterMail has no compatibility with classic Exchange functionality, which I see as a big disadvantage. A customer does not want to maintain different accounts to then send and receive from different email accounts. This is simply not practical and reasonable nowadays.

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Scarab Replied

I believe this is dependent upon what you have set in your SmarterMail server's SETTINGS > PROTOCOLS > SMTP IN > REQUIRE AUTH MATCH. I can confirm that sending email using SMTP Authentication either as the primary domain or the domain alias works entirely fine and that the FROM: and REPLY-TO: and can use the domain alias even if SMTP Authentication is as the primary domain (and vice-versa) whenever the SMTP IN > REQUIRE AUTH MATCH setting is set to "Domain" (I can't personally confirm if it works when set to "Email Address" although it would definitely be a bug if it didn't work with that setting as well.).

We have many domains with multiple Domain Aliases that all work with SMTP Authentication sending as either the primary or alias domain(s).

Are your users doing SMTP Authentication with the full email address or just the username? In all or our cases they are doing SMTP Authentication with the full email address and it doesn't matter if the domain is the primary or alias and whether they are sending using the primary or alias domain as the two are entirely interchangeable for our users.

DISCLAIMER: We are using the latest release version of SmarterMail Enterprise, although that shouldn't matter.
Roger Replied
Thank you for the detailed description. I tried it again in the tag with this setting now for safety and the problem is the same. The settings under logs look like this:

Douglas Foster Replied
I cannot reproduce your problem either.    

I just sent tested with Outlook 2019 via MAPI and my aliased domain went through just fine.  I did not test with SMTP IN, but on current versions of SmarterMail, Outlook with MAPI makes a lot more sense than IMAP or POP.    Suggest you re-open the support case to investigate the specifics of your configuration.
Zach Sylvester Replied
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Hey Roger, 

This issue has been fixed in the SmarterMail beta. 
The issue was regarding sending via a domain alias using EM Client. 
If you look at BETA Build 8440 which was released on 2/9/2023 it specifically mentions this issue as fixed.
If you're still having issues with this and are running beta 8440 or higher please open a new ticket regarding this issue. 

I'm going to go ahead and mark this as fixed here but let me know if I'm wrong in doing so. 

Kind Regards, 

Zach Sylvester System/Network Administrator SmarterTools Inc. (877) 357-6278 www.smartertools.com

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