Remove User from ALL Lists and Aliases
Question asked by Jay Dubb - 12/8/2022 at 9:09 AM
Got a customer with upwards of 40 configured email lists and a bunch of Aliases.  They need to remove 1 specific user from ALL groups and aliases that user is a member of.

With Exchange this is easy.  We just look at the user in Active Directory and delete all group memberships from their user object.  

But how do we do this in SmarterMail?  Some of these email lists have a ton of users, and it's quite an undertaking any time they need to search and remove a particular user from ALL groups.

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Tony Scholz Replied
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Hello Jay, 

At this time there is no way to remove a user from all lists and aliases that they are a member of, Currently this needs to be either done manually or using the API to loop over the lists to be searched for and removed. 

Thank you
Tony Scholz
System/Network Administrator
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