user name & password not recognised, account locked
Problem reported by Worldwide Cycles - 10/1/2022 at 1:11 PM
Anyone here able to tell me how you can get around the username/password being told is wrong, even though you know it's correct and  getting blocked from the account? It's the 2nd time this year this has happened, and it's most frustrating - any suggestions appreciated.
The admin password also is not working, nor is my colleagues. 
the recovery email account is not getting any emails from smartermail to change password.
Our emails are bouncing back to the person sending them currently as undeliverable. 

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Douglas Foster Replied
I have been using SmarterMail for 9 years, am currently on the latest release, and have never seen your symptoms.    We use a mix of Active Directory and SmarterMail accounts.   In short, if  you are locked out of your account, it is almost certainly not the fault of the password system.

After repeated login failures, an IDS block will be created against both the account and the IP address.   You need a System Admin login to remove the IDS blocks.  If you are locked out of all system administrator accounts, you will need to ask support how to proceed.   

Most common causes of use lockout:
- Wrong password stored in the browser or the email client profile.  Browsers tend to re-insert the stored value even when you try to enter a prevent it from doing so.
- Expired password in Active Directory
- CAPS Lock on or NUM Lock off

In your case, I would suspect the stored password problem, followed by IDS block.

Employee Replied
Employee Post
Hi Worldwide Cycles,

I replied to your emails about 15 minutes before you posted here. You will need to contact your email provider to help get into your account. I provided information about that in the emails. Once you are able to login I suggest checking your settings to ensure you have a recovery/backup email address on file. The email address you use for password recovery does need to be saved in your user Settings > Accounts > User card, otherwise SmarterMail will not send the recover email.
David Finley Replied
I have the same issue. Remove all IDS blocks. Reset pass via admin, and reset the pass by the user interface. I can do that, but not login.

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