Non existent IP-addresses
Problem reported by Martin Schaible - 9/28/2022 at 3:52 AM
SmarterMails shows not existent IP-Addresses at the bindings. These addresses may be left overs from a migration. Unfortunately these addresses can not be deleted as long as they are available on the server. This is not true, they aren't available.

A restart of the server didn't help.

Can i remove the ip addresses from the file settings.json?

Any idea?


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Kyle Kerst Replied
Employee Post
Hey Martin! I think its possible these IP addresses are still configured on an old interface, or are configured as alternative addresses on your primary interface as SmarterMail checks for the presence of those IP addresses in the Windows Registry, and that is generally how they get in there. Can you check that out and let me know if cleaning those up works? Alternatively though you can definitely stop the SmarterMail system service and edit the settings.json to remove them. Please be sure to back up that file beforehand to be safe though!
Kyle Kerst
Technical Support Specialist
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