How to use Server Blacklist Checker behind Natted Router?
Question asked by Jarron Stephens - 4/24/2014 at 9:52 AM
First post, be nice!
Our setup:
1) Smartermail 12.x is installed on a Windows Server inside the private network with its ports bound to a PRIVATE IP Address (eg.
2) Router/Firewall acts as gateway between the Private Network and the Internet
3) Fixed PUBLIC IP address with appropriate rDNS set up (eg.
4) External DNS Server configured with all recommended DNS rules (inc DMARC etc) implemented.
This is all working very well and has been for a couple of years.
The Problem
Now we wish to use the new "Server Blacklist Checker" functionality.  However, on the "Server Blacklist Checker" configuration screen, no IP addresses are listed.
I assume this is somehow related to our binding to the Internal IP address and that Smartermail thus does not know which Public IP address to check against?  Or is it something else?
So the question is: how can we use the Server Blacklist Checker functionality from behind our Natted router?
thx in advance.

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Amer Hasic Replied
I had same issue, I use Private IP address range and NATing with Firewall.
The solution is pretty simple, assign your server second IP address and use Public IP address.
You private IP address will have gateway while second IP address ( public IP address) will not have gateway option.
The go to BINDINGS - IP address and assign ports to Public IP address , just like you would to private IP address.
Now, when you go to Security and Server Blacklist Check - your public IP address is being checked.
Trick is to assign second IP address to network card and use Public IP address.
This configuration will not interfere with firewall NAT or any other networking since there is no gateway configured for second IP address.
I am not sure what this does to system resources now that SmarterMail has to have open ports on two different IP addresses.
Make sure to setup event notification to sent you email when your Blacklist status changes - see help page:

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