Is there any Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution that can be integrated with SmarterMail ?
Question asked by Ibrahim Jaward - 9/23/2022 at 11:50 AM
Greetings all,
Can someone please advise or recommend any Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tool that can be integrated with SmarterMail. It's really urgent and as a junior admin, I need to recommend a solution to management.

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Douglas Foster Replied
Is an outgoing gateway implementation acceptable?   If so you have lots of options.   

But perhaps you need DLP between tenants of a multi-tenant server.   Can SmarterMail be configured to send inter-domain mail through the outbound gateway instead of direct?   (I have never needed this feature, so I don't know..)  If so, you have the same options.   If not, you are limited to the existing options.   I can imagine a complex way to use Declude to force inter-domain traffic through an outbound gateway, but it might be hard to maintain.

For any implementation, you need to decide what actions you want the product to support:
- Reject mail back to sender
- Quarantine mail for system administrator review
- Automatically edit the message to filter the problem content, then allow the revised version to be delivered.
- Force the message to be user-to-user encrypted via secure web relay (Zixmail equivalent), but let it be delilvered.

Also consider:
- Can you accept a cloud solution, or does it have to be on-premises, so that the sensitive data never leaves your internal network?   If on-premises only, you are looking for an appliance-type design (which may be implemented as a virtual machine without any new hardware).

- Does the product allow me to configure exceptions for the messages that are authorized by company policy?

- Some products are only sold in specific geographies, so it also matters where you live and work.

Clearswift is very proud of their content-editting capabilities, but if the message has content that needs removal, I would not want it delivered if any form.  So editting is not important to me.

If you only need user-to-user encryption, a Barracuda appliance is sufficient and relatively cheap.  But I don't know how long they will be selling appliances.   Their appliance design has been only minimally improved in the last 15 years, and their development is going into their cloud solution.

I have surveyed a bunch of email filtering products, but not for this feature.   I can send you a shopping list if you send me a private message.

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