Outlook Flag/Clear Flag not Working
Problem reported by Performans - 8/8/2022 at 1:40 AM
 After upgrading SmarterMail to Build 8251 Flagging or Unflagging a message from Outlook stopped working. When you flag a message from Outlook it shows the message as flagged and in several seconds the flag disappears and a sync error appears in Sync Issues folder. There seems to be a MAPI sync issue on message flagging.

Does any one having this problem on their side? 

Does anybody has an advice on solving this issue?

Outlook Syncronization log

11:31:21 Synchronizer Version 16.0.15330

11:31:21 Synchronizing Mailbox 'info'

11:31:21 Synchronizing local changes in folder 'Inbox'

11:31:21 Uploading to server 'https://mail.*********.com/mapi/emsmdb/?MailboxId=Y2****xAcG***';

11:31:22 Error synchronizing message 'RE: Online'

11:31:22                                 [0-0]

11:31:22 Moved a message that failed synchronization to 'Local Failures'. Message subject -> 'RE: Online'. You can view this message in your offline folder only.

11:31:23 Done

Outlook Modification Resolution

11:31:22 Inbox

11:31:22 Message class: {SU:IPM.Note}

11:31:22 Incremental Synchronization

11:31:22 Local subject: {SU:RE: Online}

11:31:22 Remote subject: {SU:RE: RE: Online}

11:31:22 Local Message Entry ID: {CB:70, LPB:0x000000006EA757813EE3D545B66BA4E96A9D344507007AB8F192BB74B84EAFF34B556B7A32F30000000186A200007AB8F192BB74B84EAFF34B556B7A32F30000007893680000}

11:31:22 Remote Message Entry ID: {CB:70, LPB:0x000000006EA757813EE3D545B66BA4E96A9D344507007AB8F192BB74B84EAFF34B556B7A32F30000000186A200007AB8F192BB74B84EAFF34B556B7A32F30000007893680000}

11:31:22 Local Message ChgKey: {CB:20, LPB:0x5DA206DB7A950D48BF57C78E2600B8B70004A402}

11:31:22 Remote Message ChgKey: {CB:22, LPB:0x7AB8F192BB74B84EAFF34B556B7A32F308A736EC0002}

11:31:22 Local Message PCL: {CB:44, LPB:0x145DA206DB7A950D48BF57C78E2600B8B70004A402167AB8F192BB74B84EAFF34B556B7A32F308A736EC0002}

11:31:22 Remote Message PCL: {CB:23, LPB:0x167AB8F192BB74B84EAFF34B556B7A32F308A736EC0002}

11:31:22 OCN: {I8:0x00000000-05D7FB03}

11:31:22 Checking local modifications

11:31:22 Overwrite property: 0x0063000B

11:31:22 Overwrite property: 0x0C17000B

11:31:22 Overwrite property: 0x0E2B0003

11:31:22 Overwrite property: 0x10900003

11:31:22 Delete property: 0x10910040

11:31:22 Overwrite property: 0x10950003

11:31:22 Ignore property: 0x3FFA001F

11:31:22 Overwrite named property: 0x8530001F

11:31:22 Overwrite named property: 0x85520003

11:31:22 Overwrite named property: 0x85A4001F

11:31:22 Overwrite named property: 0x85A00040

11:31:22 Overwrite named property: 0x85A1001F

11:31:22 Overwrite named property: 0x81050040

11:31:22 Overwrite named property: 0x81040040

11:31:22 Overwrite named property: 0x811C000B

11:31:22 Overwrite named property: 0x81010003

11:31:22 Overwrite named property: 0x81020005

11:31:22 Overwrite named property: 0x85160040

11:31:22 Overwrite named property: 0x85170040

11:31:22 Overwrite named property: 0x8554001F

11:31:22 Overwrite named property: InTransitMessageCorrelator

11:31:22 HRESULT: 0x80004005

11:31:22 HrConfMsgAutoResolved failure


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Kyle Kerst Replied
Employee Post
This error may hint at a general sync issue preventing the flag changes making it back to the server. This one in particular is pointing towards a specific message. Can I have you open a ticket for this so we can dig into it further? 

In the meantime, you can try a clean resync of that client to see if it flushes out the sync troubles being reported with this message. This will usually correct most sync issues:

Once completed give Outlook a few hours to pull down all of your account data before testing just to be safe. When it has finished Outlook will display all folders are up to date at the bottom. I hope this helps!
Kyle Kerst System/Network Administrator SmarterTools Inc. (877) 357-6278 www.smartertools.com
Performans Replied
Unfortunately flags are not working properly after recreating Outlook profile with clean synchronization. After clearing the flag from Outlook the message comes back to a flagged state on the next sync.

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