Recent login sessions IPs - Remembering different client/browsers and security alerts
Idea shared by Hany Sobhy - 12/2/2014 at 5:20 PM
I know it's advanced features but SmarterMail now deservs that. One of my clients users was hacked two days ago and that cost them a bank transfer with 100K Euro according to them and the email messages I have checked..
I suggest to have that type of security on Gmail and Facebook for last login sessions and SMS/Email alert with new browsers and clients on strange machines .. wish this happen soon.
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Check your IIS logs
for? what exactly you want me to search for? ... the hacker got the user password and changed routing settings for the vendor addresses from webmail content filtering and started to communicate with the user from almost exact address (registered a domain without "s" in the last word). what exactly you want me to search for?

I needed earlier alert since user change forward, password Events was useful but not enough.

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