Restore option not found (SM 15.x)
Question asked by Paul Blank - 7/9/2022 at 10:00 PM
I am looking to restore an entire mailbox in SM V15.7.6970
I have gone to this link:

Here's what I did:
Login as admin
Click domain in left column. Click "Manage" below domain name at top of window (next to "Edit")
The option to "Restore" is not found in the navigation pane, as described. Am I missing something?

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Matthew Leyda Replied
Paul you are looking in the wrong place. You can only do this from the ADMIN account. Click on the Gear Icon (Manage). Then at the bottom of the Manage menu Click on "RESTORE"

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Paul Blank Replied
Had a feeling I was "missing something," as I posted. Many thanks! 

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