Webmail signatures no longer editable in message body
Problem reported by Randy Armbrecht - 5/3/2022 at 7:42 AM
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We have just updated to latest build from older v15.7.  One minor issue being reported is that when an end user, using WebMail, places a signature in their message being composed, they are no longer able to edit that signature before they hot send.

We are finding out that several of our customers are using signatures in an out-of-the-box thinking as a canned response type of use.  But they need to be able to edit that signature to personalize it when inserting it into the message body.

Is this a setting within Webmail or an oversight in the programming? Or possibly a legit reason it was programmed this way?

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Derek Curtis Replied
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Hey, Randy

So, the ability to edit a signature during message creation was changed in 16.x, I believe. Domain signatures are generally created by an organization, and pretty much set in stone. Many don't like users to edit their signatures if the domain administrator has created them and assigned them to users due to liability reasons, etc. So, the ability to edit them was limited, but not removed.

In order to edit a signature when creating a message in webmail, the signature needs to be unlocked. To do this, the toolbar in the message window should be expanded, then the user simply needs to unlock the signature by clicking the "Unlock Signature" icon. Here's a screenshot on where that is/what the icon looks like:

So, the option is still there if needed.
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