Enhance Mailbox Migration
Idea shared by TK - 2/26/2022 at 12:59 AM
We have run several testcases for mailbox migration and have found that a few details are not migrated, these are (this may only cover a part of things that are not migrated):
  • Exchange/Outlook can create contact group that you can use to virtual group contacts to send emails to. this is a heavy used feature and those contact groups are not migrated, presumably because smartertools would solve this by mailing lists, still it is important to not loose these groups
  • Categories/colours - not tested extensively, but seems there is something in the pipe anyway on this, so will not elaborate
  • Advanced Task Details: Exchange/Outlook allows for enhanced attributes to tasks, while this may not be a top priority, lossing details here for people thate use that functionality is not the aim.
Also during migration it may happen that the users e-mail address changes (e.g. aquisition, etc.). I have worked with other tools that change the organizator of the event when the recognize that old and new user mailaddress is differently. this is important as otherways we will break recurring events. I have not tested this to verify, but will do so and may get back with findings. In any case mailbox migration should support this. 

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Gabriele Maoret - Head of SysAdmins at SERSIS Currently manages 6 SmarterMail installations (1 in the cloud for SERSIS which provides services to a few hundred third-party email domains + 5 on-premise for customers who prefer to have their mail server in-house)

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