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Idea shared by Sabatino - 2/4/2022 at 8:09 AM
Hi everyone.
Some time ago I proposed to the smartermail development to improve the log, or rather the visualization of log information, especially for smtp sessions. In particular, thanks to experience with other mail servers (e.g. icewarp), providing assistance in real time to a user who is unable to send and / or who does not receive or that his recipient does not receive, it is difficult with smartermail while it is very simple. with other mail servers

I do not know if I have not been able to make myself understood, however I need this thing and therefore we have relativized it. In a very light way, with about 8 hours of work (so nothing crazy or innovative), but for me it is useful and therefore I devise to share with everyone. The hope is that it can also be useful for you and that the development of smartermail can appreciate its usefulness and develop an integrated and certainly more complete and performing version.

Here you can download the program

Here you can download the sources

is a very simple dot.net console program

You just have to tell him the path to the logs and hit the update button

Operation is very intuitive.
however, I remain available

There would still be many things to do of course

Highlight inbound and outboung

Indicate with a color or an icon the sessions that have been successful, unsuccessful, greylist etc. etc.

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Sorry, one last piece of information.
Not having had time to optimize, the analysis is based on the last x lines of the smtp log

In my case, my SmarterMail is installed on the C drive, but my mailboxes are stored on my D drive, here is where my logs are: D:\SmarterMail\Logs

The same folder your domains are probably found in.
It appears to be an interesting program and saves some time going through the logs.
as I said it is only a draft of the program
I hope that it will stimulate the interest of the developers in smartermail and that they can take inspiration from it to create a fast and complete log analyzer.

If this is not the case, we will begin to develop it in a more coordinated way, adding functions
Very helpful thankyou

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