SMTP Logs - Duplicated Message IDs making troubleshooting difficult
Question asked by Rod Strumbel - 1/11/2022 at 9:39 AM
Build 7906 currently... but this issue goes way way back too.

So... using the SMTP logs via the Troubleshooting menu

If I search for message for my account for today... it gives me a pretty simple list of 2 messages.

So per standard troubleshooting practices, if I want all the details for the first message there, I should be able to enter 64593102 (the number from inside the square brackets) into the Search field and I should be able to see everything for that message ID.

Instead... I get bombed with thousands of lines for multiple messages all using that same message ID (totally unrelated to the message I am trying to investigate).

Here is just a very tiny sampling of what is returned - notice NONE of the below has anything to do with the message I am looking for the information for my own account.

This has been an issue since we installed the server long long ago.  

Any idea what may be up here ?

I would EXPECT that every message gets a unique message id.   And they appear to get a unique name for their .eml file that is produced  The Message ID duplicating really really slows down troubleshooting processes for us.  I can understand if eventually that ID must wrap and start over.   But the same one being issued to multiple messages all within the same second?  Makes no sense to me.

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Douglas Foster Replied
It appears that you are seeing a single message which had a list of recipients.   SmarterMail does evaluate each recipient individually, so you see log entries for each recipient.
Rod Strumbel Replied
Based on what I can see in the message headers, many of these have single destinations.
Can even get the same MessageID HOURS apart so definitely totally unrelated.
Makes no sense to me.

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